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Thu Oct 10 08:55:17 2002

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 When I run t-sign program from tests/gpg with a user account, I get the following error message: "t-sign.c:127: GpgmeError No Data"
That is, everything is fine up to:
  err = gpgme_op_sign (ctx, in, out, GPGME_SIG_MODE_NORMAL );
 It works very fine if I run is as the 'root' user!
The access privilages are fine under gpgme-0.3.11, where should I set other access rights for gpg...?


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On Sat,  5 Oct 2002 20:49:57 -0400 (EDT), Farshad  said:

>  - Where is the manual for GPGME APIs?

Install it and type "info gpgme" or in the distribution
"info -f doc/"

>  - What about some simple examples? (e.g. for encrypting/signing a file and decrypting/verification?

There are a lot of examples under the tests directory - or get one of
the applications using gpgme.

If you need custom examples or more documentation, feel free to
contact us at