MUA's that support gnuPG

Newton Hammet
Thu Oct 10 08:55:25 2002

Hello All,

   I have download and configure and made and installed sylpheed nice
mailer but doesn't support gnupg (as yet, apparently).

   I searched through all my past messages from this mailgroup and it
that netscape7.0 supports openGPG (or whatever it is called). but I
can't get
that stuff to work.

   (I have gnupg.1.0.7 rpm installed on my RH7.3 box)

   Also some other confusing stuff ... apparently my Mozilla icon now
points to
all my netscape7.0 configure files (don't know how that happened, but
that is
another story.).

   So there seems to some missing pieces... I have my public key all
on my keyring in it's default location:


and of course my secret keyring (for decryption and signing).


maybe I need some more sessions of RTFM for awhile to see where the
pieces are.  Hopefully gnupg's nameservers will be updated soon to point
my email addy to my ISP. (I changed it over from yahoo!
36 hours ago.)  So hopefully this msg will post correctly and I will see

Regards, Newton