cannot get sylpheed to do encryption

Kai Raven
Fri Oct 11 01:04:02 2002

Hello Newton,

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:00:02 -0600 you wrote:

> 4. then I run sylpheed from command line and it pops up ok, 

without an error message about GnuPG? Than it works :)
Is "GnuPG" in the about dialog?

> and I configure
>   some things, but there are no buttons for encrypting, signing,
> verifying
>   or decrypting email.  Am i doing something wrong?  

No, decrypting/verifying does sylpheed automatically for PGP/MIME
messages, for PGP-Inline messages you can add a user defined action
*gpg --no-tty --command-fd 0 --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt %f|
under settings/actions and an icon for the toolbar, read the docs in the
source for more examples.
You can find the more general GnuPG settings in the settings/general
settings/private menu and for signing/encryption in the
'private' tab of the account settings (which key, ascii armored etc.)
You sign and/or encrypt in the message window over the 'message' menu
Read the FAQ (help menu>FAQ) and the docs (see above), they are very
useful for the daily work with sylpheed :)

> Do i need a later
>   version of sylpheed?

No ;o)