Why subkeys?

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Fri Oct 11 16:05:02 2002

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Subkeys are very useful. You kan create a subkey for encryption with a 
shorter validity than the primary (signing) key. Thus you can create a new 
encryption key shortly before the subkey expires and keep the signatures on 
your primary key.

- - If someone ever will be able to attack one of your encryption keys, that 
person will only be able to read documents encrypted to you during a 
limited time.
- - People you communicate with can trust your new encryption keys, because 
they have already signed your primary key.

Per Tunedal

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 >`-----------------------------------------------After watching this list for
 >a weekor so now, I'm curious about the use
 >of subkeys with GnuPG.  I don't have any subkeys, or at least I haven't
 >explicitly created any.  What is to be gained by subkeys on a key ring?
 >What is the relationship between subkeys and the "master" key?  Any
 >insight here would be greatly appreciated.
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