Weird error after moving .gnupg to new machine

Chris Howells
Sat Oct 12 00:54:02 2002


I've attempted to migrate my gpg keyring from an old machine to a new machi=
by simply copying the .gnupg directory from the old to new machine.  Howeve=
this does not appear to work:

gpchris@gandalf:~$ gpg --list-keys
gpg: [don't know]: invalid packet (ctb=3D00)
gpg: read_keyblock: read error: invalid packet
gpg: enum_keyblocks(read) failed: invalid keyring

What does this mean? Is there a better way to migrate the stuff over to the=
new machine?

Sadly I do not have access to the old machine at the moment, it's currently=
200 miles away :(

Chris Howells

Cheers, Chris Howells --,
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