cannot get sylpheed to do encryption

Newton Hammet
Sat Oct 12 21:53:01 2002

Paul wrote:
> Hello Newton,
> On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 19:18:44 -0600
> Newton Hammet <> wrote:
> > > without an error message about GnuPG? Than it works :)
> > > Is "GnuPG" in the about dialog?
> >
> > when i run "./configure --enable-gpgme", the following messages say
> > yes to GPGME.
> So, do you see any mention of GnuPG or gpgme in the /Help/About
> window? Look in the 'Compiled-in features:...' list.
> best regards
> Paul
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Hello All,

Still determined to get this to work. (sylpheed with privacy option)

Still having problems.

Here is the cureent situation:

I am right now pursuing the problem by attempting the gpgme installed
and configured correctly.

checking for gpg... /usr/bin/gpg
checking for gpgsm... no
configure: WARNING: Could not find GpgSM, install GpgSM or use \
          --with-gpgsm=PATH to enable it

I can't find GpgSM anywhere on my system.  I cannot seem to find
a place where I can download and install it.

Is it something I need to have present in order for gpgme to be
installed correctly so that sylpheed can be installed with privacy

Right now when I configure and install sylpheed, it says that it
knows that gpgme is there.  

But there is no privacy button on the Common Preferences page, even
after going all the way to right with the cursor.

there is a "Other" button, and that is the rightmost button.

This is currently how I am attempting to install sylpheed :


./configure --enable-gpgmeplug
make --install

./configure  --enable-gpgme

Everything is put into /usr/local, and /usr/local has all the gpg stuff,
including all the gpgme stuff as compiled above.

I have also attached a gzipped tarball that contains the script file
of make configure,make,make-install output for building all 3 systems,
in this order:


Hope all this stuff helps ...

Regards, Newton