cannot get sylpheed to do encryption/trying another approach

Newton Hammet
Sun Oct 13 05:04:02 2002

Hello All,

For the moment giving up on sylpheed but I may get back to it.

trying to understand mime types and all that ...

I have had some moderate success in 'Preferences' pulldown adding
application types to netscape.

Does anyone know what the standard Content-type for OpenPG encrypted
messages would be?

Would it be something like:

Content-Type: application/OpenPG

I figure I can just add an application type and suffix (perhaps '.gpg')
to my browser,....

The thing is, I am an old-style stdin stdout type bird, and
gui-challenged...  I would like
to maybe just figure out how to do all the graphics myself (e.g.,
prompting for passwords,
where to place the decrypted result, ... etc.).

Thanks for listening gnupg people.

Regards, Newton