Compiling issues

Michele Mazzoleni Michele Mazzoleni" <
Tue Oct 15 10:58:02 2002

Hi all,
I am compiling GNUPG1.2 on a SCO5.0.5 machine + GNU make.
By running

configure --enable-static-rnd=egd --disable-asm --with-egd-socket=/usr/local/var

I got linker error messages like "undefined symbols socket and connect first
referenced in ../cipher/libcipher.a".
I found a release note ("2002-06-11  David Shaw - Put -lsocket and -lnsl in
NETLIBS rather than LIBS so not all programs are forced to link to them.") so -
as I do not mind to bore the linker - I manually modified tools/Makefile and
forced to use "LIBS = -lsocket", so that now I can do make and make check


Michele Mazzoleni