Wed Oct 16 13:49:02 2002

Hello Gnupg Users List!

I just signed up on this list and am a relative novice with GnuPG, so 
please be kind :-)

I checked the FAQ, man page, and handbook, but haven't seen an answer 
to my question:

For a signed and encrypted document, I understand that the --decrypt 
command will decrypt the message and verify the signature all in one 
operation, but how can I tell in an automated environment that a 
signature was attached?

I'm thinking of a scenario where a trading partner is sending us signed 
and encrypted documents.  When I run the decrypt operation I can see 
that the signature is verified from the stderr stream, but in batch 
mode the only way I know that everything is ok is that an exit code of 
0 is returned.

What if they stop signing their documents?  Since I'm only monitoring 
the exit code, I won't be able to tell.  (And I'd like to know!)

Is there a way to generate an error if the document isn't signed?