Can not encrypt on secure server. Suexec.

Wed Oct 16 16:48:18 2002

I'm struggling long time and have no way now. If you know some info
I'm very pleased. Please help.
I try send encrypt mail from secure server from my ISP. They say
using Suexec so no problem to run cgi under cgi holder.
It was sure I could run perl script from cgi directory. I install all
under cgi directory. PHP script also under cgi script.

I can run gpg by SSH telnet. on this server but I can not run from
site. Maybe Suexec setting or I was completely wrong? One part
of encryption part is

$command = "echo $body | www/cgi/bin/gpg --batch --homedir
www/cgi/.gnupg/ --no-tty --quiet -ar '************ (***************)
<***@********>' --always-trust -e -";

****is all info for my ID. It is PHP script.

Best Regard Toru