How to send passphrase to gpg with symetric encryption?

Timo Schulz
Thu Oct 17 18:04:02 2002

On Thu Oct 17 2002; 14:44, Thomas Braun wrote:

> del test.gpg
> ECHO 1234 | gpg -c -v -v --cipher-algo BLOWFISH --passphrase-fd 0 test.txt
> gpg -d -v -v test.gpg
> This is the output when I run this batch:
> gpg: BLOWFISH encrypted data
> gpg: decryption failed: bad key

Hmm, for me it works. Maybe the shell adds a newline character to the
echo and this means the passphrase is *not* 1234 but 1234\n. I guess
it's the standard Windows behave of ECHO.