I lost my public key! :(

Nicolas Couture nc@stormvault.net
Wed Oct 23 22:15:02 2002

You should consider using something dedicated to what you're trying to
do (cryptographic fs). There are alot of utils out there that are made
for this purpose. Take cfs or loopaes.

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 21:19, trena wrote:
> Hello,
> According to my understanding of how PGP works, I should be able to get
> out of this mess, but I'm not quite sure how to go about doing so with
> GPG. Here's a summary of my scenario...
> I use GPG to encrypt a "filesystem in a file" that I mount using the
> loopback device, and keep my secret key on removable media. My .gnupg
> directory has a link to the secring.gpg file on a floppy, and my public
> key was kept on my hard drive. Thus I only need the floppy when
> unencrypting the filesystem, and could re-encrypt it using my public key.
> Unfortunately, I wiped my hard drive and installed a new version of
> GNU/Linux on my laptop and did not back up my public key (I mistakenly
> assumed all my keys were on the removable media).
> I have the secret key and my passphrase. Now how do I unencrypt the
> filesystem? I tried re-creating my keys and replacing the secret key with
> my old version from the floppy, but that doesn't work because the key IDs
> don't match. Can I edit the ID somehow in the new public key so it will
> work? Other ideas?
> Many, many thanks,
> Stu
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