E-Mail Encryption: Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

Rustad, Aaron ARustad@Online-can.com
Wed Oct 23 22:43:02 2002

Ed, this sounds like a shameless plug. =-)

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I agree with this comment and the others like it. I've quit relying on 
GnuPG/WinPT for much encryption per se, simply because people don't want 
to be bothered with it.

When I have to send or show something sensitive to a colleague or an 
existing client, I try to do so via a tunnelled connection using my 
Privaria software. I wrote it for ease of use, and it's literally a 
one-click connection (no Amazon, this ain't online shopping...) once 
you've set it up. Perhaps the 25,000 downloads of the software since its 
May 2002 initial release says something about the value people place on 
encryption that's (relatively) easy to use.

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 > Email encryption is a Joke...especially PGP/GPG....but not because it
 > doesn't work, and not because the interface is ugly and hard to work 
 > but because  the "other guy" almost always refuses to take the time 
to learn
 > it. Strong measures need to be taken to force people to use 
 > corporations. I would love to see my employer at least mandate the use of
 > PGP internally, but, even though we are a high tech company, we are 
just to
 > lazy to put forth the initiative to secure our mail/intellectual 
 > Like I said, I would use it all the time, however, that means that 
 > else would have to use it too.

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