maximum keylength

Werner Koch
Sat Oct 26 11:19:02 2002

On Sat, 26 Oct 2002 02:39:22 +0100, David Picón Álvarez said:

> 1) Does openpgp establish a maximum keylength for rsa or elgamal keys? I
> understand DSA is a fixed 1024 key.

No.  Howerver certain lengths don't make sense because the security
is more than just the number key bits.

> 2) I've read somewhere of versions of pgp that can generate 8192 length
> keys. Can gnupg work with them? And why not allow generation? Is it a

There are some memory constraints which could easily be lifted.  Large
keys are an annoyance for users with slower CPUs (think of signature
verification and encryption).