Problems with Public Key

James A DePrisco
Tue Oct 29 02:53:02 2002

I am using Kmail with gpg.  I have been able to send encrypted emails to 
other recipients no problem.  However, I downloaded a new public key and when 
I try to encrypt with Kmail, the "show encryped results" window shows no 
encryption.  When I tried another key, it worked fine.  Another thing, this 
person was able to send me an encrypted email using my public key.

Her public key was generated via PGPfreeware 6.0.2i.  I am using Mandrake 
Linux 8.2 and I am a newbie.  The one thing to consider is that the holder of 
the key has a latin name so there is a "\"character in the key name for a 
special character.  Her name is Nunez and this is shown as "N\xf1ez" in the 
key name.  Perhaps this is throwing things off.  Please help.