Announce: Web of trust statistics and pathfinder (Wotsap)

Jorgen Cederlof
Mon Mar 31 23:34:01 2003

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(Sorry for the late reply. My main computer died from hardware failure
last friday, so I had to secure another one.)

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 23:11:12 +0100, Michael Nahrath wrote:

> Very nice!=20

Thank you!

> Dont you have any reaction by a keyserver admin yet to give you a
> feed of 500 kByte?

Yes, actually, I just got an offer for a feed.

> One little thing the pathfinder doesn't do right yet: It doesn't
> notice if a UID is revoked.

You are probably right. I'll look into this next week when I get my
regular computer back.

> Or is it this you mean by "No attempt is made to verify the
> signatures."?

No, that just means I trust the keyservers, and don't verify the
signatures using gpg locally. People shouldn't need to trust me
either, so it doesn't make much difference. :)


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