GPA problems

Miguel Coca
Tue Apr 1 19:54:01 2003

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On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 23:58:51 +0200, Kai Raven wrote:
> Hello Miguel,


> > GPA is trying to use GPGME 0.3.x. If you compiled 0.4.0 from source,
> > it'll be installed in /usr/local/, so you should pass configure
> I have compiled both versions from source, GPGME 0.3.X resides in
> /usr/local/, 0.4.0 in /usr/.
> configure with GPA:
> checking for gpgme-config... /usr/bin/gpgme-config
> checking for GPGME - version >=3D 0.4.0... yes

=46rom the original error message, it looks like GPA is trying to use
the hack I put in for GPGME 0.4.1 support. Is there any chance that
your gpgme version string is not 0.4.0 precisely? You can run
"/usr/bin/gpgme-config --version" to make sure.

Anyway, it can be fixed by adding:

#define GPGME_VERSION_0_4_0 1

Either in config.h or somewhere in verifydlg.c. That should fix it.

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