Securing Secret Keys

James R. Hendrick
Tue Apr 1 22:32:02 2003

You should be able to "wipe" the disk area with some tool. 

I also thought about using gnupg to encrypt the file (to yourself so no one
else could access it), but I'm not sure if this correctly does a multi-pass
wipe of the original disk area.

PGP has the option to "wipe" a file that supposedly does something like what
you ask for. Can anyone comment on whether gnupg can do this?

otherwise you could hope for some disasterous accident to befall the disk
prior to your leaving... oh, and all the backup tapes too... 

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> Subject: Securing Secret Keys
> Hello,
> I'm changing jobs, and I'll be leaving my old Linux 
> workstation for a new one
> at another company. What is the proper way to remove my keys 
> from the old
> machine? I don't want  my private key to become suspect... 
> I've had it for
> several years now.
> Thanks,
> Brad
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