Double encryption ??

gabriel rosenkoetter
Mon Apr 7 15:16:02 2003

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On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 02:14:32PM +0200, Oliver Hankeln wrote:
> The only reason why this could happen as seen by us is that the text has=
> been encrypted twice  - with my and with his public key.
> We just want to be sure we didn=B4t make any mistakes. Is our assumption=
> right?

The assumption's correct and, unless you've used --throw-key, GnuPG
should tell you exactly that (two "encrypted for...") lines.

I'm guessing either that each of you followed a set of setup
instructions that involved putting a "encrypt-to ..." line in your
=2Egnupg/{options,gpg.conf} or that your MUAs do it by default after
being told your default private key (for signing).

gabriel rosenkoetter

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