simplifying the use of --throw-keyid option
Mon Apr 7 19:51:01 2003

>Message: 14
>Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 10:17:14 -0400
>From: David Shaw <>
>Subject: Re: simplifying the use of --throw-keyid option
>> [2] can there be an option where one can choose to have gnupg
>> the user if the passphrase is entered incorrectly for that key,
>> {especially useful for 'secure' passphrases, entered from the commandline,

>>  where mistyping may be common)
>I don't understand this.  GnuPG already reports that a passphrase

sorry for not articulating the request more clearly:

as the throw-keyid switch implemented now,(1.2.2), gnupg gives only one
chance per key to enter a passphrase

gnupg does not distinguish whether it is the correct key with an incorrectly
entered passphrase,
or a correctly entered passphrase, but not for the key it was encrypted

and after only one chance, without saying if the passphrase is incorrect
or not, goes on to the next key

so, if for example, i have three 'real' keys that i give out the public
key for {one v3, one v4rsa, and one dh, } each with a different passphrase,

then, i don't know if one my keys is the correct key, but i entered the
passphrase incorrectly, or 
if it is a passphrase encypted to someone else's key and not mine at

my request is:

can there be an option for gnupg to give an error message of 'incorrect
passphrase' for each key that it is checking when it tries all secrets,

and if incorrect, give addtional chances to enter it correctly, just
as it does when asking for asking for the passphrase for signing or encrypting


with Respect,


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