Import a pubkey sans self-sig?

gabriel rosenkoetter
Mon Apr 7 21:58:01 2003

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I'd like to encipher things to keyid 75E4988D (seems to be on but GnuPG simply refuses to import it because
it's lacking a self-signature.

pgp 6.5.2 (yeah, I know, but this is a long-standing production
process at work that I'm trying to update) has no trouble with this

--expert doesn't help and we don't have a --force...

If that's a truly malformed key, how'd it ever get on the
keyservers? How does pgp6 manage to grok it?

(The issue here is that some fool wrapped Perl's Expect module
around pgp6 to solve a problem that's far better solved by GnuPG's
--batch. And Expect falls flat on its face when, say, the ciphertext
file already exists and pgp asks for permission to overwrite it.)

gabriel rosenkoetter

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