Multiple "Comment:" in signature (was Re: OT)

Gustavo Vasconcelos
Tue Apr 8 03:12:01 2003

If there is a way, I don't know. =)

I added mannually the last comment mannually to make clear what I've
done (Comments are not content, thus the signature is valid).

However, I've seem many signatures with 2/3 lines, made IIRC with a

The only thing I changed was the version info, and after used it I
deleted and restored the original binary from You know, I
trust more in than in myself... ;-D

But maybe I'll stick to it permanently...


Manuel Samper wrote on 07-04-2003 13:21:
> Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious, but cannot find anything in
> manuals or by seraching the list so, how I can split a comment in
> several lines, like in your signature? Or you have hacked the sources?
> TIA,
> Manuel Samper

Gustavo Vasconcelos
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