keysign parties

Jean-francois PARIS
Tue Apr 8 11:44:56 2003

> Hello all,
> I wanted to know why there are so few keysigning parties. I once signed
> up for a keysigning mailinglist, but there wasn't almost any posts on
> that list.

Keysigning parties occured generally during Big Free Software events like
Fosdem or during smaller ones (we are trying to organise one for each
events in Lyon).

If you are assisting to such events sing in to their ML. Maybe a key
signing party will be announced.

If it is not announced, keep an eye on the debian team, and ask them if
they are organizing something (they need it for beeing members of the
debian team).

Last but not the least, Do It Yourself. Bring your finger print the right
day and make an announcement, or if you have time, collect fingerprints and
organize something.


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