Suppressing gpg messages from php exec command?

Hack Hawk
Tue Apr 8 17:58:01 2003

Oh Darn,

I thought since this message bounced back originally I'd be spared the 
embarrassment of yet another useless post on my part.

I obviously needed to step away from the computer for the evening, because 
when I came back the next morning I immediately realized that I was 
modifying the WRONG friggin file!!  Aaarrrgggh!

The --status-fd 1 did indeed work just fine.

- rich

At 07:43 PM 04/03/2003, Hack Hawk wrote:
>I'm pulling my hair out over this one, can anyone assist?  I've searched 
>google for hours but to no avail.  I'm trying to suppress gpg output from 
>within a php script.
>Here's the important stuff.
>--------- PHP -----------------
>$msg = $some_gpg_signed_clear_text
>$comd = "echo '$msg' | /usr/local/bin/gpg --decrypt";
>------- END PHP ---------------
>I get the unsigned text in $res without a problem.  The problem is that 
>the following output is sent to the terminal/browser/whatever.
>gpg: Signature made Thu 03 Apr 2003 06:24:21 PM PST using DSA key ID AABBCCDD
>gpg: Good signature from "Blah Blah <>"
>gpg:                 aka "Blah Bleh <>"
>I've tried adding ALL of the following to the $comd command line with no 
>--logger-fd 1
>--status-fd 1
>Is there ANYWAY to suppress these messages?  I'm assuming that if the 
>signature is NOT validated, then the $res will NOT return the unsigned 
>message, and that's how I'll verify validity or not.  Please correct me if 
>I'm wrong about this assumption.
>Thanks in advance for any replies
>- Rich