Per Tunedal
Thu Apr 10 14:56:01 2003

You need a front-end and I suggest you take a look att GPGrelay: It does 
automatic signing and encryption. And automatically verifies signed mail 
and decrypts encrypted mail.

You have to do the setup correct to get it working: it's a relay i.e. you 
have to pass the mail through the program. And you have to create groups of 
e-mailaddresses/keys with different signing/encryption policies.

You may do some key management, key generation, signing and encryption etc 
with GPGrelay as well. When the setup is done anyone can use it.

And it's quite stable nowdays ... v.0.92  And comes with an installer.

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Per Tunedal

At 14:03 2003-04-09 -0400, you wrote:
 >Hi Everyone, I'm new to this and the archive is a royal pain in the ass.
 >So heres what I need to know, what do I use it for? How do I use it and
 >what do I do to get it working under XP Pro?
 >Thanks for tolerating me,
 >-The Kid That Everyone Thought Was Crazy