adduid questions

Szeder Gabor
Tue Apr 15 15:14:01 2003


On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 01:27:11AM +0000, David Shaw wrote:
> If I understand your email properly, you have a single key with two
> email addresses (work and home).  In this case, it doesn't matter
> which email address you use - they'll end up pointing to the same key.
If someone imports my pubkey with my two email addresses, than he can
see both emails with gpg --editkey <myid>.  If I don't want this, I
must have two different keys, am I right?

> If you have two actual different keys, then you can select which key
> to use with the -u command line option.
If I have two different keys, than have these keys a common web of 
trust or has each key its own web of trust?

Gábor Szeder