hardware acceleration?

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Tue Apr 15 17:44:02 2003

From: Chris Hedemark [mailto:chris@yonderway.com]=20
>Can I do something like this with GnuPG?=20
>Or is my only hope to have a really really=20
>fast host processor(s)?

I believe you're going to need to modify the GnuPG codebase on your own
to support whatever crypto acceleration hardware you'd like to use. I
believe GnuPG in its current form it is designed to have as few hardware
and OS dependencies as possible.

CPU power is very cheap these days, and GnuPG uses a wide variety of
algorithms. Most off-the-shelf acceleration hardware you can get will
not accelerate GnuPG's widely used Diffie-Hellman, Blowfish, and CAST
algorithms. It probably will accelerate RSA, AES, and 3DES, which are
commonly used in SSL and Ipsec.

Since 3 GHz CPUs can be had for under $500, I think speding money on
some super-fast multiple CPU P4 hardware will probably offer more
performance than (very selective) crypto hardware acceleration in your