Possible Bug with WINGPGA?

Timo Schulz twoaday@freakmail.de
Tue Apr 15 23:37:01 2003

On Tue Apr 15 2003; 11:26, Gareth Woodhouse wrote:

> However after 3000-3300 decrypts the decrypt fails and I have to kill the
> agent - restart it and re-input the password for it to work again.

The Windows version of the GPG-Agent is still beta. It's nice to hear
it works for such an amount of files (data) but I guess there are a lot
of problems I still not discovered.

> Has anyone else found this problem or hads anyone a possible work around?

Currently I've no idea how to fix it or if the server or the client part
of the sorce is the problem. But I will try to find something and to
provide a patch for this ASAP.


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