exporting private key created with GPG to PGP

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Wed Apr 16 17:45:02 2003

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On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 12:01:06PM +0200, INFORMAT wrote:
> I advised someone to use WinPT/GPG, he used it for some time, but 
> finally decided to get back to PGP (version 6.0.2).
> I found some incompatibility issues then which are making me doubt if it 
> is such a good idea to swith to GPG anyway (although I'm strongly in 
> favor for GPG) .
> Export and import worked fine but:
> 1. First I got an error that the passphrase was not correct when I 
> wanted to decrypt with PGP a document I had encrypted with GPG.
> 2. I did the following then: gpg --simple-sk-checksum --edit-key <KeyID> 
> (changing the passphrase afterwards) and export the key then.
> 3. Messages encrypted with this key in GPG: PGP accepted the passphrase 
> now but gave then an error "encryptes session key is bad".

This is a FAQ.  See http://www.gnupg.org/faq.html for step-by-step
instructions on how to do this.  The issue is that PGP (particularly a
version as old as 6) does not implement the newer OpenPGP features.
GnuPG also implements more of the optional ciphers than PGP 6 does.
The FAQ has instructions to alter the feature and cipher list to match
what PGP 6 can handle.

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