decipher secret keyring

Francesco Biacca
Fri Apr 18 02:09:02 2003

I'm new to the list so first of all, I wanna excuse if I'm posting something
known ... To be honest, I've read another thread some months ago in which
you spoke about this theme, but I'd like to know more.

I'm trying to develop a webmail, using java and jsp technology, which would
be able to send ciphered mail without using gpg (The idea was born while I
was outside without my notebook and I had to send a mail ciphered with my
gpg key).

So I need to know how (and if) is possible to decipher a secret keyring;
otherwise it's impossibile to cipher/decipher mail for me. I know that you
could be bored about this, so you can also give me some url or docs to solve
this problem.

As I've understood, first I have to decipher the secret keyring: to reach my
aim I have to use the passphrase and the algorithm used to encode the
secretring, don't I?? ... Then, when I have done it, I can use the methods
which are contained in bouncycastle API to extract all the information I
need to cipher mail.

Is that all right?? Please help me ...

    Francesco Biacca

ps: I'm sorry if my written english seems to be translation from italian ...