3DES key generation

Egon Andersen ean@ishoejby.dk
Fri Apr 18 15:11:02 2003

Ingo Kl=F6cker wrote:
> On Friday 18 April 2003 11:13, Egon Andersen wrote:
>>So is there any way I can generate/get 3DES key?
>>Perhaps using some library?
> Try --show-session-key and --override-session-key <string>. See 'man=20
> gpg'.

This sounds reasonable to use --show-session-key
But I don't get any keys shown :-(

It might be because I use it in a wrong way, but the man-page isn't that =


I've tried to have the option both during encryption and decryption,=20
with no difference.

I've tried the following:
gpg --show-session-key --cipher-algo 3DES -c <filename>

and was of course asked for a passphrase, which I gave.
- but no session key was shown

I tried hereafter:
gpg --show-session-key <filename>.gpg
gave the passphrase as before.
- no session key was shown

Any idea about what I do wrong, and perhaps an example of how I should do=

Best regards
Egon Andersen