Change install directory (1.2.1)

John P. Clizbe
Tue Apr 22 01:45:03 2003

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Michel Mansour wrote:
> I'm trying to compile and install gnupg-1.2.1 for Solaris 8. I want to
> change the install directory to something different than
/usr/local/bin so
> that I don't need root access. I don't want to use the --prefix option
> because I want to keep the default directory structure; I just want to
> change where "make install" puts the binaries. Is there a way to do this?
> I've looked through the INSTALL and README files with no luck.

I'm puzzled about not using --prefix to 'keep the default directory
structure' since the default for --prefix is /usr/local. Those other
"default" directories would also require root access for installation.

Anyway FWIW,`./configure --help` gives the following info:

Installation directories:
  --prefix=PREFIX install architecture-independent files
         in PREFIX                         [/usr/local]
  --exec-prefix=EPREFIX   install architecture-dependent
         files in EPREFIX                  [PREFIX]

By default, `make install' will install all the files in
`/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/lib' etc.  You can specify
an installation prefix other than `/usr/local' using `--prefix',
for instance `--prefix=$HOME'.

For better control, use the options below.

Fine tuning of the installation directories:
  --bindir=DIR           user executables [EPREFIX/bin]
  --sbindir=DIR          system admin executables [EPREFIX/sbin]
  --libexecdir=DIR       program executables [EPREFIX/libexec]
  --datadir=DIR          read-only architecture-independent data
  --sysconfdir=DIR       read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]
  --sharedstatedir=DIR   modifiable architecture-independent data
  --localstatedir=DIR    modifiable single-machine data [PREFIX/var]
  --libdir=DIR           object code libraries [EPREFIX/lib]
  --includedir=DIR       C header files [PREFIX/include]
  --oldincludedir=DIR    C header files for non-gcc [/usr/include]
  --infodir=DIR          info documentation [PREFIX/info]
  --mandir=DIR           man documentation [PREFIX/man]

So, to only change the binary directory, specify --bindir=<path> to the
configure script, ie" `./configure --bindir=$HOME/bin`.

Then the usual make commands.....

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