Neil Williams
Tue Apr 22 21:11:03 2003

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Does anyone know how to solve problems with the environment variable for 

Before using gpg, you need to start gpg-agent:

eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)"

(gpg-agent outputs a little shell script that sets the environment variable 
GNUPG_AGENT_INFO). You may want to add this to your ~/.xsession or startkde 
so that all programs see the environment variable.


I've tried putting it in /home/neil/.xsession (a symlink to 
/home/neil/.xinitrc) and in /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde but all I get is two 
copies of the agent showing up in ps -ax in a root shell but nothing in a 
user shell. The gpg-agent-info environment variable is present in the root 
shell but not in the user shell. If I run the eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)" 
command in a user terminal or in .bashrc, it still isn't visible to KMail 
unless I start KMail from the same terminal. 

I can't see why the environment variable isn't being passed on to users.

Unless the gpg-agent-info environment variable is within scope of KMail, I 
can't send signed emails.


Neil Williams

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