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Todd Todd <Freedom_Lover@pobox.com>
Wed Apr 23 17:17:02 2003

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Hi all,

Is there any way to use multiple keyservers with gnupg?  What I'm after is
having gpg search one keyserver first and if there are no matches (or
perhaps even if there are) then search another keyserver.  I know that most
of the public keyservers sync, but I'm looking at using a small,
semi-private keyserver for a local linux user group as the first keyserver
and then fall back on one of the public servers.

The reason we're looking at setting up a small keyserver is that many of the
new users will hopefully find it easier to rely on a keyserver that other
members control.  That way we can purge keys if someone loses a key or
forgets a passphrase.  But for those of us in the group who use gpg more
regularly, we'd prefer not to have to switch our config settings to go back
and forth between the public and private keyservers.

I tried setting keyserver twice but it seems like only one of them gets used
(and at this god-awful hour of the morning I can't recall if it was the
first or the last).

I know that we could also just maintain a group keyring, but I was looking
to have some fun learning about running pks.

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