Neil Williams
Thu Apr 24 19:12:02 2003

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On Thursday 24 April 2003 1:40 pm, darren chamberlain wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> * Neil Williams <linux at> [2003-04-23 19:15]:
> > If I start kmail from the terminal window, it can find the agent.  If
> > I start kmail from the menu or a desktop link, it fails to find the
> > agent.
> Hm, weird.  I suspect that KDE is doing somethink wonky.  Perhaps it's
> launcher app (whatever it's called) intentionally scrubs the environment
> before spawning new processes?

I've had to write a bash script now - eval gpg-agent --daemon etc, then kmail. 
Guess what - it works BUT the KPanel complains that it can't execute the bash 
script (probably because it is set as chmod 700). Still, it's not really a 
bother, at least it works now. (I will experiment with not having the 
gpg-agent command in the bash script at all, just using .bashrc).

> It's also possible that the variable isn't being propogated from the
> main kde app to the program that manages the desktop or menu, I suppose.

Very likely - kmail is seeing the variable now but that's because it is being 
started from bash which itself has the variable set in .bashrc - it sounds 
like the panel is cleansing the environment.

> > Without a line in .bashrc, the terminal window can't see the variable
> > either, despite lines in startkde and .xinitc. Yet when I su to root,
> > it is there.  (I'm currently using a different installation with an
> > older version of kmail but I will look at it again tomorrow on the
> > installation with KDE3.1).
> I definitely suspect KDE, then, because this sounds broken to me.

Agreed. However, is this an opportunity to ask for a change in design? 
Wouldn't it be better to use a temporary file? It already uses a location in 
/tmp but the filename changes each session. If the filename was kept the 
same, the agent could detect existing instances and all programs would know 
where to find the information without using the environment at all. Would 
that be more reliable? If the file was a risk, would putting it in ~/tmp be 
any better?

> If you have the wherewithal, try running X without KDE, and then launch
> kmail, and see if it has the variable.

The only distro that has KDE3.1 and therefore KMail 1.5 and S/MIME is an 
optimised one that doesn't include Gnome or anything else really. It seems a 
little longwinded to compile Gnome from source just to test this!!!

> (darren)


Neil Williams

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