Subject tag in all list messages ?

John P. Clizbe
Tue Apr 29 19:27:02 2003

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Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez wrote:
> Outlook 2000 allows me to filter by "with specific words" in the headers.
> I prefer a tag in the subject since I filter messages from several
> lists in the same folder, but thanks for showing me this :) I
> don't examine headers frequently.
> From:, To: and Sender: are not ok *for me* because some messages
> to the list are posted via CC: (like Werner's reply to this) or
> are formed differently depending on mail clients. I also use those
> to filter other type of messages.

( (Sender contains "gnupg-users") |
  (To contains "gnupg-users")     |
  (CC contains "gnupg-users")     )

Seems to do that just fine under Netscape & Mozilla Mail. For grins I
checked LookOut! 2000... It's "Rules _Wizard_" seems rather limited. It
can handle the Sender: and To: cases, but is brain dead for CC: and
checking specific headers. Maybe some other Outlook users know how to
extend the ruleset types.

The "[<list-name>]" construct in the Subject header is used for a lot of
 my own rules, but I really wish there was a "better" way -- the [...]
consumes a fair amount of space at the beginning of the subject line and
only serves to lower the s/n ratio.

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