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CL Gilbert
Fri Aug 1 16:42:03 2003

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I just removed all of my subkeys from this key.  Its still showing the
same expiration date in PGP.  Where could it be getting the date from?
Can the top key expire?

PGP shows it as DH/DSS, size 1024, created 9/14/02, expiring 9/14/03

Where else could the date be stored here?  this is a key pair right? but
without a sub key!?

Just trying to dig deeper.


David Shaw wrote:
| On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 01:39:54PM -0400, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>I never got a solid answer to this.  Does anyone know??
|>Thank you,
|>CL Gilbert wrote:
|>| Originally I made my key years ago with pgp.  later imported into gpg.
|>| Then I updated the expiration of the main key.  its a DH/DSS pair.  But
|>| while gpg seems to think the main key no longer expires, the PGP still
|>| shows the original expire date when I import the key from various
|>| servers.  I know the servers have updated because they include a new
|>| encrypting key since the old encrypting key was expiring with the main
|>| didi I miss something?  Why is my main key still showing as expiring
|>| soon as opposed to 'never?'
| In short, probably a bug in PGP.
| David

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