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CL Gilbert
Fri Aug 1 17:43:01 2003

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David Shaw wrote:
| On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 10:43:36AM -0400, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>I just removed all of my subkeys from this key.  Its still showing the
|>same expiration date in PGP.  Where could it be getting the date from?
|>Can the top key expire?
|>PGP shows it as DH/DSS, size 1024, created 9/14/02, expiring 9/14/03
|>Where else could the date be stored here?  this is a key pair right? but
|>without a sub key!?
|>Just trying to dig deeper.
| Send me a copy of this shortened key exported from PGP.  I want to
| make sure that what I am seeing is exactly what you have, so I cannot
| get it from the keyserver.
| David

OK, but it will be uploaded to linux through ftp then send through
email.  Should be cool since its binary I hope...BTW, I changed my
exporation date to 10 years away, and pgp is still ignoring the date.
It must be getting it from somewhere else..

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