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CL Gilbert
Sat Aug 2 00:13:02 2003

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Todd wrote:
| CL Gilbert wrote:
|>gpg --list-sigs
|>what does the 3 mean in 'sig 3'?
| That's the "certificate check level" as the man page calls it.  See the
| description of --default-cert-check-level for what the numbers are
| to represent.
|>I just imported yoru key from your asc file and its saying expired...
| Really?  In gpg or pgp?  And had you previously imported the key from a
| keyserver?  As I figured out (slowly) and David just pointed out as well,
| the expiration was from an old uid that was present on the keyserver
but not
| in the .asc file I've been distributing.  If you see any uid's that
have the
| address free??!, then you have some cruft from the keyservers
| that's causing the key to show as expired.

OK, I flushed your ID, then reimported with the .asc file.  good now.

| I've now revoked those uid's and uploaded the key to these keyservers:
|     ldap://
|     x-hkp://
|     ldap://
| Hopefully, that will propagate reasonably.  If not, I'll send it to other
| keyservers if and when I feel like spending more time futzing with the
| keyservers. :)

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