John Clizbe
Sun Aug 3 02:50:02 2003

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Ben Finney wrote:

> On 02-Aug-2003, Johan Wevers wrote:
>> Ben Finney wrote:
>> >Is it possible to build a complete working PGP, as provided by the
>> >vendor, from the source code?
>> No. They provide only the encryption and hashing routines, not the GUI
>> code.
>> >Yet another reason to use free software, instead of "look but don't
>> >touch" source code carrots.
>> If you get complete source code I would find that sufficient to solve
>> the trust argument.
> The source code is only complete if you can build a complete working
> version of the product with it, as I've pointed out.

This was hashed in January on PGP-Users and late April in PGP-Basic.

Yes, It is possible. It's been done. It's non-trivial.

The GUI code is there.

I'll probably try a build of 8.02 myself if I can locate those darn DDK

NB: It's been discussed that the LicenseNumber code was modified a bit to
prevent redistribution. How much this affects one, I guess, is dependant
on the position of one's Paranoia slider.

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