viewing my public,private and sig key

Charly Avital
Fri Aug 8 11:45:02 2003

You have generated a key pair (public and secret key), you have not created 
any sig. 
You sign a message, using your secret key.

In order to view the keys in your public keyring, type in the Terminal, or 
in the DOS prompt, or whatever it is that you use to communicate with your 
% gpg --list-keys [and hit the Return key].

To view your secret keys:
% gpg --list-secret-keys [return]

To access and read the gpg manual (recommended):
% man gpg [return]

Hope this helps.

On Fri, 08 Aug 2003 11:24:22 +0530, akshaysalkar "viewing my public,private 
and sig key" wrote:
> sorry seems i have goofed up. I have created my public key, private key 
> and my sig. but i dont seem to know where.
> also how to view the public, private and sig keys in cleartext ascii.??