how to use the gnupg for authenticated logins

Carl L. Gilbert
Sun Aug 10 18:39:02 2003

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ok well lets start over sort of.  Lets forget what I was talking about
because that has nothing to do with this thing you are talking about.=20
Could you explain your process here step by step, its getting hard to
sift through the message text.

a few points
ssh does not need a passpharase.  I use it daily and many use CVS over
ssh without passpharases.

This is only a login technique AFAIK, we are not talking about secure
communication after the login right? thats a separate thing which is
already handled by SSL.  Are we also talking about a replacement for

I agree to keep it minimal server side, like with PERL.  but I don't
know if the perl libraries exist to talk with gpg yet!?  Client side can
use a plugin much like enigmail.  An applet could work, but it would
have to be granted special permission to run certain programs on the
client computer.  Applet seems a little awkward here.  I guess plugin is
the way to go.  I hope you can write them in Java...

Thank you,

CL Gilbert
"Then said I, Wisdom [is] better than strength: nevertheless the poor
man's wisdom [is] despised, and his words are not heard." Ecclesiastes

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