Recreating keys

Charly Avital
Mon Aug 11 14:46:02 2003

You cannot recreate a key. You can extend its validity, add uids, etc.,=20
provided you have the correct password.=20

You have forgotten the password (are you sure?, have you tried many=20
possible combinations?), so there is nothing left to do but to generate a=
new key-pair, generate and store in a secure place a revocation certificate=
for that new key, and be sure you can remember the passphrase.



On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:24:40 +1000, Felix Yap "Recreating keys" wrote:
> Hi all,
> =A0
> A newbie question for you all.=A0 I did a gpg --gen-key and created a key=
> that expired after a few days. Then I realised I forgot the password, and=
> so I want to start all over again. However, gpg keeps asking me for my=20
> passphrase and doing a gpg --edit-key to do a deluid or revsig doesn't=20
> work.=A0 Any suggestions, please?
> Thanks
> Felix