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Ben Finney
Fri Aug 15 12:46:02 2003

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On 14-Aug-2003, Joseph Bruni wrote:
> Man, I wish all OSS was that way. I am so sick of trying out some
> piece of OSS just to find that I need to set up my system exactly the
> way the author does, with every little library dependency. It's almost
> as bad as DLL hell in Windows!

That's what distributors are for -- they take all that diverse software
and make it all work as an operating system.  Debian GNU/Linux has an
especially strong policy for how the system should work, which is
absolutely necessary since they manage nearly 10000 packages on 11
different hardware architectures.  Consistency is paramount.

If you take the developer's source and try to get it working, then yes,
you're subject to the pain of trying to out-think the developer.  If you
don't like playing those games, use a GNU/Linux distribution instead.

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