AW: WG: [WINPT USERS] WinPT Smartcard Support

Werner Koch
Fri Aug 22 10:12:01 2003

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 19:43:50 +0200, thomas schorpp said:

>> and it is entirely open and can be reviewews by the public. Actually
>> GPG 1.9.x has support for these smart cards.

> where? link please. cant find it.

gnupg-1.9.0 in the alpha directory.  The specs are in the final edit
stage.  We will have about 50 cards we can send to developers for free
and soon later cards will be availabe for less than 20 Euro (price
will drop if we have success and can produce them in larger

> NO! DONT DO IT! Not before full analysis of known attacks and tests!
> whats about my mentioned side-channel attacks?

Please make yourself firm with proper security engineering techniques.
Talking about FIB and side channel attacks without taking the threat
model in account is not serious.  I recommend Ross Anderson's Security
Engineering for a very good overview.

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