Getting the gpg to work with a different user.

Naik, Sachin (Global Repo Systems)
Fri Aug 22 21:53:02 2003

I created the keys with my local user. Now I want to deploy on another user. I do not want to have any dependency with the local user. If I try to use gpg, it gives me an error that it could not
create the keyring and could not open the pubring.pgp(keyblock resource). I need to keep the two users independent. Does this mean that I will have to create a new set of keys for the other user. That
means every user will have to have this setup :-((. 
Any ideas on how I can avoid this and reuse the keys created by local user for all users.


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> Werner Koch wrote:
> >revevealed to anyone; your own smartcard contains your own key - why
> >would you want to crack the card then?
> Not you, but an attacker who finds or steals the card would.
> >Please give me some hints on how you can remotely compromise a private
> >key stored on a properly implemented smartcard.
> Someone could crack it, copy it to another card and then use it.
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