Problem with key showing up as expired...

David J. Weller-Fahy
Sun Aug 24 02:12:02 2003

* Jason Harris <> [2003-08-23 11:22]:
> > Understood.  Is it normal for the primary key to have expired, but
> > the sub key to still be valid?
> pgpdump for the three selfsigs on 0xB02966748B362A2F's userid shows:
Learning all sorts of things this week.  Didn't know about that
particular tool.  Thanks.

>         Hashed Sub: signature creation time(sub 2)(4 bytes)
>                 Time - Thu Aug  7 04:19:30 EDT 2003
>         Hashed Sub: reason for revocation(sub 29)(47 bytes)
>                 Reason - User ID information is no longer valid
>                 Comment - Somehow lost my public key and can't fix
>                 it...

I exported 0xB02966748B362A2F and ran pgpdump on the resulting file.
Unfortunately none of the parameters listed for pgpdump produced the
output I left above.  How did you get that output?

> so the userid was revoked but shortly thereafter given a quick
> expiration instead of the whole key being revoked, probably due to the
> "lost" pubkey.

Ok, revoked I understand.  The quick expiration being he edited the key,
and told it to expire, right?

> Also, FWIW, it looks like 0x5A103307 replaces this key, but its
> revoked signatures on 0xA5692B69 are strange.  I think the keyholder
> is still a newbie.  :(

Hrm... so am I. :]  I'll keep learning, and not put any more keys onto
the servers until I feel comfortable with my level of knowledge.
Especially as you cannot remove any mistakes.

Just to make sure that I have this straight:

    The key that he's signing with is not yet expired (because of the
    subkey which hasn't expired yet), but will be reported as such
    because the primary key is expired.

I get the impression (from your comments) that public keys are generally
not be this convoluted, right?