Web Page Messed Up?

Fabio Coatti cova@ferrara.linux.it
Tue Aug 26 23:13:02 2003

Alle 22:39, marted́ 26 agosto 2003, John Clizbe ha scritto:
> Ross Druker wrote:
> > I went to this page from IE and Netscape from Windows and Unix and it
> shows the
> > same confused text.
> >
> > http://www.gnupg.org/(en)/signature_key.html
> >
> > To guarantee that GnuPG versions you download has not been hacked by some
> > malicious person, tarballs are signed.Per garantire che la versione di
> > GnuPG scaricata non sia stata contraffatta da persone malintenzionate,
> > gli archivi sono firmati.

> It's not one of the languages I read, but the second sentence in each case
>  would appear to be Italian versions of the preceding English sentence.

Yes, I can confirm this. The second sentence is exactly the Italian 
translation, indeed a good one :)

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