Wipe function?

Joseph Bruni jbruni@mac.com
Tue Aug 26 23:41:02 2003

It's probably not a good idea to burn up all your entropy like that. Fillin=
g the file full of zeroes would work just as well.



On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 03:21PM, Thomas Sj=F6gren <thomas@northerns=
ecurity.net> wrote:

>Is there plans to add a "wipe" function to GPG?
>For example:
>gpg -sew -r Bob file
>  sign and encrypt for user Bob, when done wipe the original file
>Traditional wiping with shred or wipe shouldn't be trusted  on journaling=
>filesystem, so maybe filling the original file with garbage, something=20
>like /dev/urandom > file, might be an option?
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