NAI PGP Keyserver with OpenLDAP

Wed Aug 27 11:26:01 2003

Hi again,

Well I just found out that THIS SEEMS TO BE A BUG in the GnuPG Win32
The Linux version works just fine.
The key was stored with CR/LF in LDAP. While the Linux client didn't have a
problem with that the Win32 version stated no valid Open PGP data.
When I store the key only with LF it works for Linux and Win32, too.

Greetings from da mist

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> Subject: NAI PGP Keyserver with OpenLDAP
> Hi List,
> I'm trying to simulate a NAI PGP Keyserver with OpenLDAP with 
> only basic features like searching and retrieving keys from LDAP.
> So far I sat it up right and other clients I use don't have 
> problems searching for keys but GnuPG always states that it's 
> no valid Open PGP data I recieve there.
> Anyone any idea?
> Greetz Chris
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